Note: the information below were written to gain basic understanding of the admission process and they are subject to change. You can get the actual information from the websites of the institutes.
  • Admissions for Master`s and PhD degrees for foreign students are held twice a year (Fall and Spring semesters). Applications for the spring semester generally take place in December/January, whereas applications for the fall semester take place in July, August or September. Once started they last for a short time (about 2-3 weeks), so we recommend checking out the websites of the institutes regularly.
  • Candidates who can't apply personally can apply through e-mail.
  • The language of instruction is generally English.
  • An interview, an applied exam and/or a written exam may or may not be held according to the demand of the related department. Exams can also be held remotely through the internet.
  • Scientific Orientation Program fee is 3000 T.L. for master's degree, and 6000 T.L. for PhD.
Required documents for application:
  1. Application form (can be downloaded from the institute`s website)
  2. Samples of Bachelor's and Master's Degree diplomas
  3. Samples of Bachelor's and Master's Degree transcripts
  4. Passport photocopy or residency permit in Turkey
  5. A certificate of English language proficiency is required if you are applying for PhD programs (YDS or other international exams that are accepted by Higher Education Executive Board)
  6. Applicants whose language of instruction in their undergraduate or graduate program was in English don't need to provide an English language proficiency certifcate.
Contact info:
Institute of Scientific Sciences:0(414) 318 30 00 Dahili: 3761-3762

Institute of Social Sciences:0(414) 318 30 00 Dahili: 3769-1624

Institute of Health Sciences:0(414) 318 00 00 Dahili: 3765-3766