Student Council is renewed every year with a student election, is formed with the aim of benefiting from opinions and suggestions of its members regarding the academic and socio-cultural needs of the students at our university. The head of the union occasionally participates in the meetings of the University Senate and other committees, and presents the ideas and suggestions of the students.
There are indoor and outdoor sport facilities at campuses that are open to all our students and staff. We have formed groups and teams Of football, basketball, volleyball, long distance running, track and field, tennis, ta knon do, table tennis, and handball. These teams represent us at several inter- and intra-university competitions.
Through out the academic year, various panel discussions, forums, conferences, concerts and festivals are held at the university. Annual events like Spring Festivities, Nevruz Celebration, and Graduation Ceremony attract the attention of not only our students and staff, but also the public at large. In addition, academic excursion trips to historical and touristic sites in the region are also organized during each semester.