Osmanbey Campus

It is located 22 km east of Sanliurfa. It houses the faculties of theology, economics, administrativesciences, arts, sciences, agriculture, and engineering. In addition, the institutes of health, natural and applied sciences, and social sciences, as well as the College of Physcal Education, are also located in this campus. In the future, the Faculty of Medicine, whose building is currently under construction, is planned to move to this campus. There is a dormitoryfor male and female students and lodging forfaculty members.

Yenisehir Campus

It is located in downtown Sanliurfa. The rectorate and  its administrative units function from this campus. It also houses the Faculty of Medicine and outpatient facilities of theResearchand Training Hospital.


It is located 8 km south of Sanliurfa. It houses the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, College of Tourismand Hotel Management, and Sanliurfa
Vocational School. There is a dormitory for male students and lodging for faculty members.
Health and nutrition:
For our students and staff, health services are provided by the Medico-Social Center located in Osmanbey Campus.
The center employs physicians, dentists and health care professional and  owns test labs. If there is a need, the patients can be
Transferred to the Research and Training Hospital of the university. Inaddition, specialist physicians from this hospital work in the
Center periodically to offer in detail examinations. Counseling services are also provided.