International Students Office is one of the external faces of our university and was founded as a sub-unit to Harran University for the sake of contributing to our university’s internationalization, assisting our international students’ educational activities and coordinating international students’ transactions.

International Students Office serves the purpose of mixing different cultures together in our increasingly globalized world. It also provides guidance service for international students from the very beginning of their application to their graduation period. Office is being actively consulted by all international students, no matter what purpose they attend our university for. It is playing an administrative role in orientation; socially, culturally, artistic and sportive interactions of hundreds of students from many different countries.

The quota for foreign students is being expanded day by day in our university. Conditions relevant to international students’ fundamental needs are being improved day by day both in our university and in our city. Moreover, International Students Office, which is playing a role as a counseling center, has the quality and capacity to serve our foreign students in order to fulfill their needs and ensure that they have a successful and fun higher education experience. Our Office is waiting for new participants with its cheery, warm blooded, forthcoming and helpful personnel.